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Maria is a native of California and lives in So Cal. She enjoys traveling, car camping, stargazing, hiking and just being out of doors. Check out some of her latest camping pics below, from her trip to Pinnacles National Monument in Paicines, CA.

The WNBA and the LA Sparks in particular, feed her love of basketball now that her own playing days are over. She moderates the site and is a faithful Sparks Hoopster Booster and season ticket holder. When the grrrls of summer are through, she jumps right into the womens' college game and roots for her beloved Lady Vols.

Witchblade, The Simpsons, Star Trek Enterprise and the X-files keep her entertained when she's homebound. She also likes reading sci-fi and fantasy novels and even writes some "fan fic" on the internet. She has a thing for Xena and Gabrielle...


car camping
Bear Gulch Lake
Lava formations


Pinnacles valley





Rim Trail
Moses Springs
Colossal Head formation
Manmade cave


Maria's 2000 Jetta 1.8 Turbo


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